Maximum of 10 per delivery and only available in Cape Town. Balloons are delivered as an addition to a gift and not as a gift. We DO NOT deliver balloons ONLY.

PLEASE NOTE:  We are NOT responsible for any balloons popping due to extreme weather conditions or for any other reason once the package leaves our premises for delivery.

Balloon delivery

Balloon gifts delivered in Cape Town only. We supply a range of high-quality stick balloons for any occasions. Birthday balloons, get well soon, new arrivals and more. Say it with a balloon!

Why do people love balloons?

Over 200 years ago, the balloon was invented by Professor Michael Faraday for an experiment with hydrogen. Since then in 1824, these bright and colorful gifts have become an excellent way to excite the recipienent.

Balloons are fun and colorful, and the perfect way to show a message. Want to welcome a baby? Or tell a loved one to get better soon? Do you want to make someone feel special on their birthday? Say it with a balloon. It’s nice to make someone feel good!